Our Menu

We're proud of the food we serve at the Arc Cafe. From bacon baguettes to Chilli con carne, we've got

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Arc Cafe Video

In Spring 2019 a group of talented film students from Bath Spa University spent months filming, editing and producing this

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About Us

Our Mission, Values and Purpose Mission The Arc Cafe is a community project set up in July 2012 by the

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Welcome to the Arc Cafe!

Freshly made hot and cold food in the heart of Redcliffe, central Bristol.

Food brings people together.

That’s why in 2012 the Arc Cafe was set up by a group of people from the Addiction Recovery Agency.

They thought if they could teach people to cook, to train as baristas, chefs and hospitality providers, those people would be empowered to gain employment.

To climb out of the cycle of addiction, poor mental health, poverty and despair. To lead purposeful lives and maintain their sobriety.

And guess what? It worked.

In partnership with St Mary Redcliffe Church, the cafe has grown into a wonderful, empowering community project for those in recovery.

We provide a wide range of education, training and employment opportunities. By creating a supportive, non-judgmental and joyful working environment we hope to help people overcome the difficulties in their lives and foster a sense of purpose. Read more about our story and mission here.

We hold ourselves to a high professional standard with delicious food and hot drinks made from high quality ingredients.

We hope to see you soon!